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Space Scooter®


Space Scooter (x580) - Air spring

Air spring for Space Scooter® x580 series. The air spring ensures that the Space Scooter remains in the desired position. The gas spring ensures that your Space Scooter ® is in the '' normal-step position '' or if Space Scooter ® can be used. The air spring is operated with the release lever on the front of the steerer tube.

If you want to replace the gas spring, the defective gas spring must be intact at the latest. This means that it must not contain any cracks or dents. If the gas spring does have external defects, it must be replaced by an expert.

INSTRUCTION: When installing the gas spring, first screw the gas spring into the rear bracket of the Space Scooter, then turn the metal-colored nut towards the bracket so that the threads of the gas spring clamp.

The rear bracket is not included, but if you want / need to replace the rear bracket, it can be included, please contact our customer service on tel: 072-8502601 or by email; support@spacescooter.eu.

For the video instruction regarding replacing the gas spring, please visit the (YouTube) link below.