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Space Scooter X590 series

The Space Scooter X590 is more luxurious, has improved technology, is available in three striking color combinations and, just like its predecessors, is incredibly tough!

With the premium Space Scooter X590 you can drive faster through a renewed drive system. Because the speed to be achieved is higher, the braking system has of course also been improved. In order to have even more grip during the ride, premium rubber lock-on grips have been placed as handles!
The Space Scooter X590 carry a weight of 115kg , so that even young adults can easily ride this premium model Space Scooter.

In short, the Space Scooter X590 is ready for even rougher and longer trips, after all you are never too old to play outside!

Check out the available versions of the Space Scooter X590 below!