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Space Scooter®


Space Scooter X580 - Matt Black (ESS2Ba)

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The Space Scooter is the coolest scooter on the market. A real eye-catcher for the cool boys and girls. Anyone can use the Space Scooter as an outdoor toy or purely as a leisure activity.

In the video below you can view the Space Scooter with all its features. When you move the footboard back and forth, you really get the feeling of walking in space! This is also where the name "Space Scooter" comes from.


Why buy a Space Scooter?
The Space Scooter X580 has an easy folding system so you can take the Space Scooter with you wherever you go, perfect for camping or on vacation. Playing outside is fun and good for the development of children and exercise is of course good for everyone. In addition, it is also just great fun to ride a Space Scooter.

Model: X580 Series
Minimum age: 8+
Max. Weight: ± 90 kg
Certificates: ASTM-F2264 / EN14619
Material: Steel / Aluminum
Wheels: 2 x 8 inch PU
Weight: 8.20 kg

Because of all the above plus points, we are convinced that the Space Scooter remains the trendsetter in the field of outdoor toys and recreation with a very high Fun Factor.

We wish everyone a lot of fun with the Space Scooter!

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