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Space Scooter®


Air spring repair by an expert.

Does your Space Scooter not remain in the desired position? When the rider or rider steps on the Space Scooter, does your Space Scooter collapse to the "normal-step" position? Then this would be due to the air spring under the Space Scooter and it would have to be replaced in order for the Space Scooter to function again. During this repair is replaced / performed;

  • Replace air spring.
  • To test.
  • Overall Space Scooter check.
  • Return shipment after repair.

Pay attention! After placing the repair '' order '' an information email with a PDF will be sent as an attachment. This may take a few minutes before you receive it (and please also check your spam folder to see if it contains the mail). This contains all the necessary information such as;

  • shipping method; e.g. packing,
  • return address,
  • expected time for the repair to take before returning the Space Scooter.