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Space Scooter®


Refurbished Space Scooter (X580) - Roze (REFSPROA)

What is a refurbished Space Scooter®?
In short, a refurbished Space Scooter® is a refurbished or refurbished Space Scooter®. It is therefore a used Space Scooter® and you should think of models that are used at events or as a demo model at fairs or in shops. Technically, these Space Scooters have been fully tested and function properly. Optically, the Space Scooters may contain some signs of wear, but there is also the price!

The Space Scooter® , is a scooter that is powered by movement . This can be done in two ways:

  • by moving the footboard forwards and backwards
  • by means of steppes

In the video below you can view these unique properties. Moving the footboard to the front and back gives the feeling of walking in space. The name Space Scooter was also created that way.


The Space Scooter is also easy to fold so that you can easily store it or take it with you on a trip . This also makes it a perfect means of transport for short and medium distances. The Space Scooter ® also contributes to a better environment and less car traffic in the (inner) city. Because the Space Scooter ® is suitable up to a weight of ± 90 kilograms, the Space Scooter ® is not only suitable for children (advice from ± 8 years) but also ideal for young adults . This allows the whole family to use the Space Scooter ® .

Because of all the above plus points, we are convinced that the Space Scooter ® will become the NEW WAY TO MOVE in the field of mobility and recreation with the highest Fun Factor !