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March 20, 2019 1 min read

Dear Space Scooter user,

Unfortunately, summer is over and probably the Space Scooter ® has made many kilometers again lately! All the more reason to put it in the grease before it is stored again for the winter, so that it can be packed without problems in the spring.

Think of lubrication of the chain, bearings and sprockets, so that they do not rust in the damp shed or under that damp cover. It is also advisable to check all shafts, screws and caps for vibrations during use. Incidentally, all parts, and any lubrication / oils, are available in our webshop!

We have made a very handy video instruction for this maintenance, in which these points are discussed and how the maintenance works.

Watch the video quickly and maintain the Space Scooter® for a longer time '' Space Scooter® fun ''!


Good luck with maintenance and lots of Space Scooter® fun in the future!