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Space Scooter®


Drive repair by expert.

Is the drive of your Space Scooter not working properly or not at all? Is the footboard fixed or is the chain next to the sprockets? Chances are that a part is worn or has become defective. We can replace the parts in the drive for you so that it runs smoothly again. During this repair is replaced / performed;

  • Replace set of gears on the rear axle.
  • Replace tension spring (chain tensioner).
  • Provide lubrication to drive.
  • Overall Space Scooter check.
  • Return shipment after repair.

Pay attention! After placing the repair '' order '' an information email with a PDF will be sent as an attachment. This may take a few minutes before you receive it (and please also check your spam folder to see if it contains the mail). This contains all the necessary information such as;

  • shipping method; e.g. packing,
  • return address,
  • expected time for the repair to take before returning the Space Scooter.