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Space Scooter®


Refurbished Space Scooter (X360) - Junior Roze (ESS1PiRef)

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What is a refurbished Space Scooter®?
In short, a refurbished Space Scooter® is a refurbished or refurbished Space Scooter®. It is therefore a used Space Scooter® and you should think of models that are used at events or as a demo model at fairs or in shops. Technically, these Space Scooters have been fully tested and function properly. Optically, the Space Scooters may contain some signs of wear, but there is also the price!

The Space Scooter ® Junior is the hype in every neighborhood and on every schoolyard. After the demand for smaller Space Scooters, for even smaller kids, grew, the question was answered. This version is now available and suitable for ages from 4 years.

When the deck is moved up and down, the Space Scooter ® will move forward. It then looks exactly like walking in space. This is exactly how the Space Scooter ® got its name.

The Space Scooter® junior is the coolest scooter at the moment and gives the word "scooter" and a completely different dimension!

The junior Space Scooter ® is available in two colors, namely blue and pink. The junior Space Scooter ® can also be folded so that storage or transport of the Space Scooter ® is very easy!

The maximum capacity of the Space Vehicle ® junior is ± 60 kg, is provided with a hand brake and is built solid. For example, the Space Scooter ® junior is approved for use throughout Europe.

Space Scooter ® junior has no '' normal '' step function as the larger Space Scooter ® x580 execution.